October 17, 2014 @ 12:40 PM

I won first place in the Tucson Fashion Week Design Competition!

We were told to take inspiration from the artchitect Nathan Colkitt's store he designed for #Puma. Naturally, I made my dress out of upcycled Puma and athletic Tshirts that I found at local thrift stores. I also took inspiration from the textured red block wall in the store and interpreted it into a woven strip feature on the front of the dress. The silhouette I created was a little different from the usual frilly, ballgowns that I make because I wanted it to be something more sporty that an athlete would actually wear. Everything is sewn with overlock and coverstitch seams for stretch and I used boning and interfacing for structure and support. I wanted to really bring out the artchitecture of the dress.

My wonderful model, Rachel, was assigned to me by TFW, but I was unable to do a fitting with her until the night of the event. I was so excited that my dress fit like a glove! The length was even perfect. It was such a relief.

My assistant Cynthia drove down to Tucson with me and we had a great time hanging out. It was nice to not be the one behind the entire coordination of an event this time and to just enjoy the event.

Nathan Colkitt and another architect were the judgs and they said some really nice things about the dress. It was so exciting. I had a really great time. I won $250 and my dress will be on the runway at TFW this Saturday in the big Project Runway night. Thank you Paula Taylor of Tucson Fashion Week for putting together such a great event.

TFW Judge Nathan Colkitt

TFW Owner Paula Taylor

TFW Design Compeittion 1st place winner

Tucson Fashion Week Design Compeition

Angela Johnson Tucson Fashion Week Design Competition Dress