October 1, 2015 @ 9:04 PM

Scaffolding the Local Fashion Industry

Now that LabelHorde is up and running and providing sourcing for the AZ fashion industry, it's want to move into a brick and mortar location where LabelHorde can offer so much more. The plan is to create a space that provides....

  • Fashion manufacturing training on industrial equipment

  • Light manufacturing and sample making/prototyping for local brands

  • Sewing, pattern making, sketching, grading/marking, CAD classes

  • Tech packs

  • Pattern making services

  • Grading/marking services

  • Fabric sourcing

  • Larger manufacturing sourcing

  • In house equipment rental (designers can come in and use the machines)

  • Meeting space / seminar space

  • Fashion show / event space

  • Designer studio space

  • Photography studio area

  • Classifieds

  • Sells resources like pattern paper, muslin fabric, pattern making supplies, books and everything needed to design clothing

  • Fashion themed parties

  • Kids sewing lessons/camps

  • Networking

The fashion industry has grown so much over the past decade. I've been doing everything in my power to see to that since 2001 when I first created the directory LabelHorde as a printed magazine to help the scattered and few local fashion professionals find each other. In the beginning, we were a small bunch showing our collections at the night clubs, first fridays and eventually at Phoenix Art Museum and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. We all worked together, helped each other and this is how we grew. A few years later three different fashion weeks emerged in Arizona and more and more brands were able to call AZ their home. Now there are quite a few brands who are starting to really prove they can make it in Arizona. They are even often hiring and I include their job postings in the LabelHorde Classifieds and newsletter each month.  But many of these brands can't find skilled workers and still have to source their manufacturing out to LA and other places with actual manufacturing industries.

My goal with LabelHorde has been to bring everyone together in one place to make local sourcing easier, and that is where the LabelHorde directory came in. Now that this is accomplished, the new vision is to move into a brick and mortar location where LabelHorde can incubate these growing fashion brands as well as provide industry lessons, event space, seminars and even fashion parties and lessons open to the public.

I've created a business plan with financial projections and I'm happy to share it with anyone interested in helping to make this happen. It is something that I will definitely need financial assistance with such as donated space or investment. I'm open to ideas. I've been speaking to different city and state agencies as well as local movers and shakers. If you want to stay up on the progress and provide input, please join the Facebook group where I post my progress about it. Just search for it on Facebook as LabelHorde: AZ Fashion Directory and Incubator Group or click here.