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Freelance Fashion Illustration (croquis) Deposit
Freelance Fashion Illustration Deposit

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Fashion Illustrations/Croquis

Do you need a fashion illustrator? LabelHorde Founder, Angela Johnson is your gal! Click here for more fashion illustrations by Angela.


Before you decide, let's make sure you are ready. Sometimes new designers think that they need artistic fashion illustrations (croquis) to start their collections when actually they really only need flats. Croquis are usually helpful to a designer to get their idea down on paper or share it with their staff or sales people, but they aren’t necessarily a necessity and can be an unnecessary expense. Usually the type of illustration that is needed is a blue print/flat sketch of the garment that will serve as instructions to the pattern maker, seamstress and other people involved in the manufacturing process. Flats can also be used on line sheets for sales purposes as well.  Below are some common scenarios that would make it worth hiring someone to create fashion figures/croquis for you:

  1. You are making a persuasive business presentation or creating a sales document like a line sheet.Whether you’re selling to an investor or a buyer, if you’re in fashion you know that great images sell. Sometimes those images need to be illustrations/croquis, but most of the time, they are actually flats.
  2. You are communicating very specific design ideas to patternmakers, sample makers, and production.Sometimes language barriers and oceanic distances are involved, so very accurate, precise drawings are required to reduce the number of iterations involved in developing a finished design. This can save you money in the long run. These are usually flats.
  3. Your products require instructions for the consumer. Drawings have a simplicity and clarity that works well for instructional use, often better than photography and easier to reproduce, especially in black and white.
  4. You want to use illustrations in your branding. Again, great imagery sells. So if it suits your brand, the right type of illustrations can lift your website, printed materials, and PR content to the next level.
  5. You want your ideas translated into fashion illustrations because they are inspiring to you and you feel they can keep you on track with your design.

If you have determined that you would like to hire Angela as your freelance fashion illustrator, please read the terms below before submitting the 50% deposit per croquis.


Payment price is determined by the number and complexity of sketches. An hourly wage of $75/hour (plus tax) is the most common scenario. Majority of croquis take an average of two hours depending upon complexity. Majority of flats take an average of a half an hour depending upon complexity. Payment for the first job is a non-refundable 50% down and 50% due upon completion and approval of sketch. Terms of COD and possibly Net 30 can be discussed for future jobs. Payment can be made in the form of check, cash, credit card, pay pal, money order or Cashier’s check.


All fashion illustrations are completed by hand. Approval by client of rough sketch is required before completion. Edits must be made to rough sketch and once rough sketch has been approved, edits are no longer optional by hand. Edits to original sketch may be made in Adobe Illustrator by client as needed upon Angela’s approval. If client is unhappy with final product, Angela will re-sketch the illustration one time without additional charges. If client is still unhappy Angela retains ownership of the sketch, client will not have ownership rights and the remaining 50% balance will not be due. 


Client owns all artwork that has been completed and paid for. Angela reserves the right to use all artwork for portfolio/marketing purposes only.