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Kid's T-shirt Skirt
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Kid's upcycled, sustainable, eco-friendly, hand crafted, short, skirt made from RecycledThriftVintage T-shirts.  Each skirt is a unique, eco-chic, one-of-a-kind creation because they are each made with whatever T-shirts can be scavenged at the time they are made.    You can leave the T-shirt choices up to Angela or supply your own.  WARNING:  As with the rest of Angela's clothing, you have to expect that Angela's sense of humor will be included with this dress...and it's a little questionable.

Other specs:

Skirt has an elastic waistband and will be made of one or more T-shirts depending on the size of the shirt used and if there is enough material.

Skirt is sewn with overlock (serger) seams and has coverstitch hem (as seen on the bottom of most T-shirts) for stretch, quality, durability and style.



WARNING: Please see Sizing, color, theme, quality page for important details about this garment before ordering.


Eco-friendly, sustainable, one-of-a-kind fashion "upcycled" from "thrifted" and scavenged T-shirts