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Girl's Butterfly Wing Tank Top

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Girl's Butterfly Wing Tank Top made from Recycled, Thrift, Vintage T-shirts.  Each top is a unique, eco-chic, one-of-a-kind creation because they are each made with whatever T-shirts can be scavenged at the time they are made.    You can leave the T-shirt choices up to Angela or supply your own.  WARNING:  As with the rest of Angela's clothing, you have to expect that Angela's sense of humor will be included with this dress...and it's a little questionable.

Other specs:

Girls tank top with butterfly wings made out of recycled T-shirts.

Tank styles and colors vary and are made from whatever tanks can be found at the time.

Wing colors/logos vary and are made from whatever T-shirts can be found under the customer's requested theme or from customer's own shirt collection.

WARNING: Please see Sizing, color, theme, quality page for important details about this garment before ordering.


Model: Talullah Johnson


Eco-friendly, sustainable, one-of-a-kind fashion "upcycled" from "thrifted" and scavenged T-shirts