I got my dress today and I am over-the-moon! You are such an artist and what a sense of humor. I love everything about it from "hot crew" badge, fire and rescue are to the "sleep with the best" line along the side. I just love it and can't wait to wear it. I think I'll be wearing it everyday! It fits perfectly. Very snug from the middle of my waist up which makes it hang on tight!
I will send you pictures from the playa! Thank you again for such a great piece of personal, wearable art. I will cherish it forever!!!

Mary - Design Customer

I wore your dress at the Steps to the Cure fundraising Saturday night & ran out of your cards so just started writing your name on paper. I hope you get some people ordering from you. The dress was super comfortable & if you are on facebook friend me so I can send you some pics of me in the dress! Everyone loved my dress including Christian Siriano from project runway & Kingi Carpenter from Peach Berserk. Even the waitstaff commented so you should be very proud. Plus I was the most comfortable I have ever been in a dressy dress! Thanks so much for making me the hit of the ball!

PS. we raised a lot of money for breast cancer research so that was even better!

Leslie - Customer

You have been the best resource I have come across since I have been teaching fashion over the past 10 years!!!

Thanks for everything you do!!!!

Linda - Fashion Design Instructor

I know how hard you work for the industry here. In fact I know for a fact that AZ would not have a fashion industry if it weren't for you! You are the soul foundation that makes this industry growing as much as it is. And for that I Thank you! I know you are juggling a billion things at once and make so many sacrifices for others. You are an inspiration and I know I can speak for everyone else in the AZ industry that we are so happy to call your our industry leader! I thank you for everything you pass my direction and always keeping me in the loop.

Amelia - Fellow Fashion Designer

Because I did not see you at the end of class, I just wanted to send you an email. It was an absolute pleasure taking your class. You are an incredible teacher. You pushed me and made me see the potential I have as a designer. I so so so appreciate how much you have helped me out this semester. You are so full of knowledge and know exactly how to tell us all about it in a way we understand.
Also, you have the CUTEST clothes! haha
I hope you have a great summer, Angela!

Rachel - Fashion Student

I am so excited to see how much my sketches improve by the end of this semester, and even though we have only had class twice so far I have already noticed improvement in my work. Your class is by far my favorite this semester and you are an awesome instructor! Thanks, and I'll see you next week :)

Nakaia - Fashion Illustration Student

I just wanted to take a moment to Thank you for the letter of appreciation. But................

Angela, it is you who should be receiving a letter of appreciation, for without you, my daughter may very well not have had the many opportunities which she has had and is continuing to have. It is Thanks to you, she has met many wonderful people in the local fashion industry. Many of whom have shown a great interest in her style. With a little luck, she will reach her goals and realize her dreams, and you Angela have played a major part in allowing her to have an opportunity to attain those goals and dreams. So,

Please accept this as my Letter of Appreciation to you. You are truly a wonderful person.

Carl - Model's Father

Thanks for believing in me about these drawings.  I have had nightmares about this class and my inabilities.   I really am grateful for the positive encouragement you give and patience. 

Amy - Fashion Illustration Student

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely letter of recommendation that you had written for me. I was accepted to Woodbury University for the spring semester 2013, thank you again for everything you've done. It has been an honor to take classes from you.

Luis - Fashion Design Student

Words will never be adequate to cover the spectrum of gratitude and respect I have for you. Thank you, once again, for your immense belief in the power of emerging creative fashion talent in the Valley and your ability to harness both "left" & "right" brain to make it all magically congeal with so many different cultural communities in town. SMoCA (and I) are always the better for it.

Lesley - Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Wow. That is all I can say!! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your show last night, it was sincerely one of the most amazing and fun shows I have ever done. Your passion for your clothes and for each piece is so inspirational and I was so honored to be able to walk your creations down the runway last night. You are an amazing woman and person and it was an absolute pleasure to "work" with you (even though I would not call yesterday work at all, more like having the time of my life!).

I was a little skeptical about how much I wanted to continue modeling after moving to Phoenix, but after DOTY and seeing the dedication and diligence in your own line, I know it is not something I will be able to get out of my system..I just love it too much!  Thank you again for the opportunity, and if you ever need anyone to model for you I would be more than honored.

 Now....go get some rest!!!

Lulu - Model

I have some amazing news to tell you... I have been accepted in to FIDM's Professional Designation program for Apparel Manufacturing Management.  Thank you SO much for all your help.  I'm going this weekend to sign paperwork, take a tour, and check out "market", seeing how its open to the public on the last Friday of the month. I'm starting in the Fall quarter. You have been a great influence on my education, future, and career.

Zachary - Fashion Design Student

GREAT NEWSSS!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I got a phonecall from SCAD and received the "Artistic Honors Scholarship"!!!!! full ride to school based on my portfolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna move to Atlanta and pursue this fashion design dream~!~ thank you for everything I owe it all to you and the teachers at MCC I couldn't have put together that portfolio without all of the knowledge you all have blessed me with! My prayers have been answered and it makes me realize how hard work pays off!! I will never doubt myself again!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ANGELA!! this means the world to me and I am so thankful for your guidance.

Jessica - Fashion Student

not to get gooey and effusuive on u... but as i was sitting here thinking about how hard u rock. i realized i hadnt thanked you in a while for all you have done for me-- and for many others, too...so, again.. many thanks..

i wouldnt have a career if it werent for you...

Susan - Fellow Fashion Designer

Seriously, you can even quote me.  I am giving you credit to my award last night, without you the fashion scene would not be happening right now!  I remember when both of us were still doing bar shows in Scottsdale and now you are helping to produce the most upscale shows I've ever been in.  It's absolutely amazing how 3 years ago that we struggling to find nice places to show my evening and bridal gowns.  And now I can think of more that a dozen events we've done that absolutely boosted my career!  Thank you Angela! Always in grateful to you,

Jennyvi - Fellow Fashion Designer

I got a great customer from your LabelHorde directory listing. I think my client tomorrow is also a LabelHorde browser too.  That is two more clients than my $1000 ad in a local magazine brought me. Thanks so much for the support Angela.  I really do appreciate it.

Susan - Boutique Owner Listed In LabelHorde

You are the driving force behind this whole industry here in Arizona. It is not just my daughter and myself who should be very grateful, everyone you are involved with within this industry should be also. I sincerely believe that if it wasn't for your dedication and fortitude, there would be no fashion industry in Arizona.

My hats off to you. You truly deserve any and all credit that comes your way. Take a moment and reflect on all you have done since April when we had our first opportunity to communicate with you. I think you will see why we have become dedicated in working with you. You are a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with.

Carl - Model's Father

I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted into Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I couldn't have done it without you! There were 4,000 applicants and only 200 got in and this was just for fashion design.

Chelsey - Fashion Student

I just wanted to let you know that I found out today that I've been accepted to FIDM in San Francisco!!!  They were very impressed with my portfolio and I have you to thank!! I'm not starting until January or April of next year so I will see you again @ MCC for the 2nd IIlustration class. I appreciate your support and am grateful to have such an inspiring and talented mentor right here in Phoenix!

Leah - Fashion Student

I'm so happy to have received the People's Choice award! I am more happy to have read the amazingly sweet things you said about me in the press release. You may have guessed that you are an inspiration to me. 

It means a lot that you think highly of my work. You have carved out a place for yourself and other designers in Phoenix.

Elizabeth - Fellow Fashion Designer

Girl I am so committed to you and all I can do for you and whatever shows you do or anything I can do to help. It's a great honor to work with you and see you grow and make the fashion thing in AZ grow. It is all you and your love. I want to let you know you are the best and I cannot wait until the next one.

Ethan - Hair Stylist

Thank you for all of your help over th years. Your kindness, warm spirit and drive to make fashion "happen" in AZ is greatly appreciated in more ways that you know. You are a huge inspiration to many. I'm excited to hear LabelHorde is back and I'm here to help if you need ANYTHING.

Monique - Fellow Fashion Designr

Thank you for your kind words and for doing such an excellent job organizing the event  You are a rare person who could pull such a complex event together.

Nancy - Fashion Illustration Book Author

My experience with Angela was awesome. I wanted something special to wear to the American Idol summer tour concert since my cousin had won and I was going to be with some of our other family at the show. I sent her an message via Etsy and several dozen messages later, I had the most awesome and unique jacket ever!!! It was a major hit at the concert and even made the local news. Plus the workmanship is unbelievable. I highly recommend Angela!

Customer and cousin of American Idol contestant

I wanted to let you know that I wore the T-Shirt gown you made for me earlier this year made of vintage rock tshirts to a Black Tie Gala last night.  To say that the gown was a success is a vast understatement.  Men and woman - from 16 to 86 + years old constantly came up to admire the dress - a number of whom said they typically would not comment on the dress, but that it was so "cool" and "unique".  I gave out your name to a number of people.

Gayle - Design Customer

“Angela Johnson's fashion designs are cutting edge fabulous! My recycled tshirt skirt fits perfectly and it was all done by social networking. I referred her biz to a friend in France and she will be ordering a skirt very soon!!”



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