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Used T-shirts are “scavenged” from thrift stores like Goodwill.  Friends, family and customers also donate shirts.  Some customers even supply their own collections of shirts to use in the design. 


Customers can order garments in a specific color or even a specific logo theme directly from the drop down menu when ordering. Customer should email to make arrangement to send in their own shirts. Customers can also supply their own measurements for a better fit by including them in the notes upon ordering or emailing Angela. 

Themes include things like music, sports, travel, humor, religion, vices and more.   All attempts are made to find as many shirts in the desired logo/theme in the requested color, but sometimes it is impossible so humorous shirts are used to fill in empty space.  Each garment is a one-of-a-kind because different shirts are used to make each garment. All garments are sewing using proper knit stitching (serger/overlock stitches and coverstitch hems) for quality. Many designs also include boning, interfacing and other structural treatments for quality. All garments are also lined with T-shirts.

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