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Angela’s designs are eco-friendly.  They are all hand crafted out of “thrifted” and scavenged T-shirts and other garments that are recreated and redesigned into new dresses, skirts and more. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind because they are each made from whatever shirts can be found at the time they are made. You may request colors and even T-shirt themes when ordering. No two dresses are exactly alike. 


Please be aware that when requesting specific colors, there will be multiple shades of that color used in the dress....all thrifted T-shirts can't be matched perfectly so variations on shade in these dresses is on makes it more obvious that the dresses are made of actual thrifted T shirts. 


Please be aware that when requesting a specific theme, all attempts will be made to find images related to the theme requested, but it is virtually impossible to thrift so many shirts with the same theme at the same time.  Angela will scour the thrift stores to find as many shirts as possible under your theme but will then need to substitute other shirts that are more generic to fill in the gaps.  In addition: Angela's sense of humor will be included in all dresses.  This may include logos or sayings that may be offensive to some customers.  If you want to keep your dress very conservative and wish to not include any questionable logos/sayings, please contact Angela at to let her know.  


After years of experience, Angela has learned the techniques and finesse necessary in accommodating for many of the common difficulties that arise from working with recycled T-shirt fabrics.  However, tailored perfection is difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve.  By nature of the materials and the construction techniques, the quality will not be equivalent to something mass produced out of traditional fabrics.  The nature of the material (T-shirts) and the fact that each pattern piece needs to be cut at a different angle (to include the logos) makes it so that every pattern piece is on a different grain line.  This means that when trying to sew one piece to another, they each stretch differently. Zippers are difficult to apply in many layers of jersey fabric on different grain lines and slight torqueing/twisting may occur. In addition, hems may stretch at different rates over time when hung.  These discrepancies are usually very minimal, but should be expected and will not qualify as a factor for returning the garment.  Overall, the best possible quality that can be achieved at the affordable price points offered for one-of-a-kind garments is achieved.


Sizes called o/s fits most sm/med or one size fits most lg/xl means that most people who fall between the small and medium on the chart or between large and x-large, will fit.  The fabrics are T-shirt jersey and they stretch and shrink when washed.

All of these measurements are approximate.  Angela does not mass produce her clothing, so each piece is created by hand.  As a result, variations in size occur.  The biggest benefit to this is that Angela can create items to custom fit you, according to your size, or can alter existing pieces to fit you better.  In addition, many of Angela’s creations are made of stretch fabrics and therefore can stretch to fit a variety of different body types.  If you place an order online and want to email with your exact measurements, Angela can customize your order to your size.

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