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  • Where do the T-shirts come from and can I supply my own for my order?
    Used T-shirts are “scavenged” from thrift stores like Goodwill. Friends, family and customers also donate shirts. Some customers even supply their own collections of shirts to use in the design.
  • How do I order?
    Click on the COLLECTION page and pick the design you want to order. Then select the color, graphic theme and size from the drop downs. There's an option for "supplying my own T-shirts" under the Theme drop down option if you'd like to use shirts from your own collection. In this case, it doesn't matter what color you select from the drop down. Email to make arrangement to send in your shirts. In that same email, you can also supply their own measurements for a better fit or include that info in the notes upon ordering. Send your shirts to: FABRIC Incubator Attn: Angela Johnson 132 E. 6th St. Tempe, AZ 85281 Make sure to include a copy of your reciept and any specific instructions in regard to size, placement of your graphics, etc... ​
  • How can I request a specific graphic theme?
    When ordering, there is a drop down to chose your theme. These themes are options becaues they are graphics that are a little easier to find at thrift stores. Themes include things like music, sports, travel, humor, religion, vices and more. All attempts are made to find as many shirts in the desired logo/theme in the requested color, but sometimes it is impossible so humorous shirts are used to fill in empty space. There is no guarantee that every shirt used on the garment will be the exact theme you chose, but every effort is made to be as close as possible. The easiest way to get more shirts in a specific theme is to select the multicolored option as your color option so that the shirt color isn't also limiting the selection that can be found.
  • What is the quality like?
    Each garment is a one-of-a-kind because different shirts are used to make each garment, therefore the quality depends on the shirts that were used. Some thrifted/used shirts are faded or have irregularities or even small holes. This is part of the overall aesthetic of the garment and makes it even more obvious it is upcycled from thrifted shirts and not just made from fabric that has been screen printed to look like thrifted shirts. All garments are sewn using proper knit stitching (serger/overlock stitches and coverstitch hems) for quality. Many designs also include boning, interfacing and other structural treatments for quality. All garments are also lined with T-shirts. After years of experience, Angela has learned the techniques and finesse necessary in accommodating for many of the common difficulties that arise from working with recycled T-shirt fabrics. However, tailored perfection is difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve. By nature of the materials and the construction techniques, the quality will not be equivalent to something mass produced out of traditional fabrics. The nature of the material (T-shirts) and the fact that each pattern piece needs to be cut at a different angle (to include the logos) makes it so that every pattern piece is on a different grain line. This means that when trying to sew one piece to another, they each stretch differently. Zippers are difficult to apply in many layers of jersey fabric on different grain lines and slight torqueing/twisting may occur. In addition, hems may stretch at different rates over time when hung. These discrepancies are usually very minimal, but should be expected and will not qualify as a factor for returning the garment. Overall, the best possible quality that can be achieved at the affordable price points offered for one-of-a-kind garments is achieved. Please be aware that when requesting specific colors, there will be multiple shades of that color used in the dress....all thrifted T-shirts can't be matched perfectly so variations on shade in these dresses is on makes it more obvious that the dresses are made of actual thrifted T shirts.
  • How do I wash my garment?
    Treat it like your favorite T-shirt! The shirts are all washed and dryed before they are used to make the garment so they've already experienced shrinkage. However, just like the T-shirts in your own closet, they tend to stretch out when worn and shrink back up when washed/dryed in heat. So, if you'd like to shrink it back up before wearing it again for the best fit, wash and dry the garment like you would any other T-shirts. Wash with like colors in case the dyes in the shirts bleed. Do not iron on decals. T-shirt graphics/decals are usually screen printed and if you put a hot iron on a screen printed image it will melt right onto your iron. If you want to get the wrinkles out, throw it in the dryer for a few minutes. If you still feel like you need to press specific areas of the garment, make sure to lay a press cloth between the iron and the garment and avoid the graphics as much as you can.
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